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    Kind words from people I've had the privilege to work with. For more reviews go to Google and Facebook.

    "Wow! The energy emanating from Andrea's hands as she lightly touched my head was something that I had never felt before.


    I even signed up to take classes and become a practitioner. I have completed the first level and look forward to continuing with Andrea for the second level. Andrea is always positive, sincere, kind, and very easy to talk with. She provides ongoing support and opportunities to deepen our practice and also provides many helpful resources.


    Reiki requires no lifestyle change, but it will definitely change your life for the better. It is a worthwhile practice to look into and learn more about. And Andrea is the Master to teach you!"


    - Barbara Penge, Yonkers, N.Y.

    I have had an incredible transformation journey with Andrea.


    I did a lot of research on this before choosing a practitioner and Thrive really sounded like it would resonate with me. I met with Andrea and she sat and talked and really understood what I was going through and talked me through the process of the energy healing and journey in a safe environment.


    Three sessions later I feel like a completely different person! Highly recommended to anyone who is feeling out of touch with their true selves and needs to be healed from the inside out and feeling yourself again.


    - Tyler Silver, Florida

    “I've always wanted to try Reiki, but I was hesitant as I didn't know where to find a practitioner who is dedicated, knowledgeable and whom I could trust.


    I've known Andrea for a long time and I trust her. I tried Reiki with her. I was convinced already after my first session with her that Reiki can help with stress and in my case with anxiety and painful joints.


    She has naturally calming energy and after each session I felt calm, deeply relaxed and somehow lighter.


    After several sessions I've decided to learn from Andrea and obtain the certificate for the first level of Reiki. She is a great teacher and patient with each student. She is very generous with her knowledge and support. Even after I certified, Andrea continues to be my teacher and mentor, therefore I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a practitioner and as a teacher of Reiki.”


    - Amra Dumisic, New York, N.Y.

    “Andrea, you are REAL. You are down to earth and grounded and so so relatable. You have such a gentle ease that is instantly calming.

    At the same time, you are a true professional. This is your passion but also your craft and you've spent the years dedicating yourself to learning it which is really admirable especially these days.

    You are really GOOD at what you do...an expert. Highly skilled so you can truly help people.”


    - Kate Matheson, Business Coach, www.mathesonandco.ca

    “I am so happy I found Andrea here in Westchester by googling Reiki.


    She is real, she is a Reiki Master who can help you to balance yourself and your life. She is an amazing person with a very delicate approach.



    You can fully trust her as I and my husband do. It’s not magic, but definitely feels so. Energy is everything and Andrea knows how to work with people’s energy."


    - Sabina Schuster, Scarsdale, N.Y.

    When I came to see you (Andrea) in May 2017, I was extremely stressed with my work and other life circumstances, and had a lot of physical manifestations, including sleeplessness and a series of injuries.


    I immediately found that I liked you very much and felt hopeful as to what your Reiki treatments could do for me.


    Over time I have found that you are an extremely supportive friend and healer, and I deeply appreciate your caring and the interest you show in my life.


    Reiki has become a very important practice for me, as I took the Reiki I training with you, continued our regular sessions, and developed a self-practice. During this time, I have become interested in many modalities of healing as well as spiritual development. I continue to enjoy and appreciate your friendship very much and look forward to expanding our long-term work together.”

    - Ken Haldenstein, White Plains, N.Y.

    "My only regret about Reiki is not finding Andrea sooner. I struggled to deal with health issues for two years, but after a couple of sessions with Andrea I couldn't believe the difference in myself.


    I felt lighter & so much more relaxed about my health. I so looked forward to my Sunday sessions with Andrea each week. I really cherished that time with her & felt at more peace each time I left the office. Andrea's patience & caring personality was evident from the first session. I have really enjoyed my Reiki experience to date with her & I am so glad to have found this tool to help me going forward."


    - Aisling Daly, Yonkers, N.Y.

    "Andrea is a truly gifted, kind, caring, and authentic Reiki practitioner.


    From the moment I met her, I instantly felt comfortable and at ease (which is difficult for me). I have heard about Reiki as a healing modality to help with anxiety and some health issues that I was struggling with and was interested in trying it out after using other traditional healing modalities with little progress in the big picture.


    Once I started to see Andrea, I felt a real shift in how I was feeling. The best way to explain it is that I feel like the best version of myself: Happier, more energetic, less worried, healthier and suddenly life is easier to deal with. I am letting go of a lot of the emotional weight of things that have been weighing on me for so long because of her. I had had Reiki done previously with another practitioner but really felt a significant shift by working with Andrea. Every session is different, but all left me with a greater feeling of peace and calm - and that feeling is steadily improving as I continue to go.


    As my husband says, who’s also a client of Andrea’s and who has seen many gifted Reiki practitioners in the past and can offer insight, “Andrea is completely the real deal”.


    The best thing I did was get the courage to give this a shot. I don’t regret it for one moment, in fact, I am so glad that I did it. I In my case, I have been going to weekly sessions with her and have been making tremendous progress. I consider it now a vital part of the practice of self-care and it makes me feel wonderful and relaxed.


    If you are feeling drawn to the wonderful practice of Reiki, Andrea is certainly the perfect person to accompany you on your path to healing. I’m so grateful to have contacted her. I highly recommend her services and feel grateful to have met her!”


    - Alisa Abrams, Bronxville, N.Y.

    "From the moment I met Andrea, I felt an energy I can only describe as someone who is incredible sensitive, compassionate, and understanding.


    I could tell how one would be comfortable lowering their guard around her because she evokes in people a sense of calm, collectiveness, and confidence. She speaks with both understanding and assertiveness, very much like a loving sister.


    While I believe everything I said above are things I admire about her, Andrea’s biggest strength is her ability to connect with people on both a personal and professional level. From what I can tell, she is very proficient at bridging the gap between how Reiki has personally helped her and how it’s helped her clients, and from there, you can tell she is not a fly-by-night practitioner, but one who has cut her teeth on the sharpest of experiences."


    - David Lee, White Plains, N.Y.

    "When I think of Andrea, qualities like thoughtful, smart, caring, and organized come to mind. Partnering with her [for the virtual Keep Calm & Reiki On gatherings during the 2020 shelter-in-place], I've also witnessed her generosity, drive, and ability to observe what is happening, to make informed decisions, and a plan to achieve her goals. Andrea is also very honest, reliable, and a good communicator. I am grateful this pandemic has allowed us to work together and enrich each other's practices."
    - Nathalie Jaspar, author of REIKI AS A SPIRITUAL PRACTICE an illustrated guide, www.diveintoreiki.com

    "Working with Andrea has been a huge gift in my life.


    Each session has made me feel more connected to my healthier self, more energized. I feel more loving and kind to myself and the world around me. It’s working! I have been leaking and wasting energy my entire life. I am focusing now on keeping energy. Andrea is a master of energy. There was actually one session where we unleashed so much toxic stuff that I could feel the image of black smoke emanating out of me. I went out that night with friends and I felt 20 years younger! I am so grateful to know Andrea.


    I hope more people use these techniques to empower themselves and to feel better so they can move forward in life with nobility and strength. There is that magical healthy and bright energy in all of us."


    - Austin Schuster, Scarsdale, N.Y.

    "Andrea from Thrive Reiki, LLC is a highly enthusiastic and passionate professional working to educate on the benefits of Reiki in healthcare and more specifically stress and lifestyle management.


    I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone looking for an adjunct or alternative to mainstream healthcare and effective techniques to reduce stress, manage life’s challenges and daily adversity."


    - Dr. Brian Yodice, www.drbrianyodice.com

  • Dear Reiki

    A Reiki poem by Joseph S. Fusaro, author of six poetry books. www.unreadletters.com

    “If you live with chronic pain or anxiety, I would highly recommend adding Reiki to your self-care routine. And I would start with Andrea at Thrive Reiki. She is one of the kindest and most caring people that I've known."


    - Joe Fusaro, Valhalla, N.Y.

    A little Slice of heaven

    Barbara Penge shares how Reiki has brought peace and tranquility into her life.
    "Reiki requires no lifestyle change, but it will definitely change your life for the better. It is a worthwhile practice to look into and learn more about. And Andrea is the Master to teach you!"
    - Barbara Penge

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