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Dear Reiki

A Reiki Poem by Joseph S. Fusaro

· Reiki

Dear Reiki

How do you quantify something that can only be felt

How do you write about something that words cannot describe

A space we can develop where we are free from the worries

rooted in distance and time

The only way I know how is through poetry

So I will try

At the beginning there was a softness

that I had never felt in my mind

I had the room to breathe

Permission to melt into the table and feel relief

There was room to release all past grief

I felt the ability to go a little bit easier on myself

My nervous system was not so nervous

This is something I had never really felt

It came to me that the stress patterns

I had been taught were the norm

Was not the way it had to be at all

In fact, stress to me is now overrated and boring

My muscles unclenched

My neck and shoulders un-spasmed

My skin was aglow

I could feel the calmness soak deep into my bones

I was able to go to sleep that night without any fear

I cannot think of a better way to end or begin

a new day, month, or year

I was able to let go and move forward

Reiki, if you taught me one thing

It was that with a little help and belief in myself

I am able to let go and move forward

Confidence in myself soon arose

For the first time in my life I sent love to my pain

Previously I resisted and ran from it

Until Reiki, I thought that running was the only way

Now I invite peace and tranquility

I realized that it is perfectly acceptable

for me to ask these feelings to stay

I had been working on my health for years

And about 8 months ago I learned that

working on healing can only help so much

Sometimes we just need to lay down, breathe deep, and turn ourselves off.

Dear Reiki,

Day to day I sometimes do not notice how far that I have come

However as I write this letter I can honestly say

This year has been the best of them all

With gratitude, peace, love, and light

Thank you for helping me release the pain

Find clarity in my mind

Ground into this place at this time

And most of all

Accept myself and this beautiful life


Joseph S. Fusaro

29 March 2019

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