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Tormented by Overwhelm?

Slowing Down Helps!

By Andrea Kartika Deierlein

· Selfcare

Overwhelm can feel like living hell. It’s impossible to ignore and this sense of “everything is too much” can be quite debilitating. You know that you are in overwhelm when you keep thinking or saying, “This is too much,” “I can’t take this anymore,” “I feel stuck.” Emotions bounce from anger, fear, frustration, even to a sense of depression. Does this sound familiar?

Believe me, I am no stranger when it comes to “this is too much” and all I want is to spend the day snuggling on the couch with my pets. But, while sometimes inevitable, overwhelm doesn’t last forever (although it sure can feel like it), it can actually be quite short-lived and only temporary. The secret? You have to be aware that you are in overwhelm. That’s the first realization. Then you need to slow down. Seriously!

Slowing down may seem counter-intuitive, especially when things are piling up. But when you slow down, take a few moments to breathe, you can find clarity again. You may want to write a list of what needs to be done and reprioritize, or take a moment to examine your thoughts, actions and reactions in certain situations, or listen to your intuition. You may have heard me say this before, but to listen also means to become silent – and that’s the difficult part, for many. Becoming silent works differently for everyone. Utter and complete silence can be blissful peace for some, but torment for others. Find what helps you slow down and find your version of silent, so that you can listen to what’s important for you and what you need.

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