• It’s time to take back your sanity ...


    from stressed and anxious to calm and resilient

  • Be your less stressed version

    ... and the powerhouse you're meant to be

    Between your work... and your life, you've got a lot of responsibilities. And you're a go-getter. But years of overextending yourself have built up... and there's a voice in the back of your head that whispers that if you don't do something about it, it's all going to get worse:

    • The neck pain...
    • the sleepless nights...
    • the constantly racing mind…
    • the dependency on sugar and caffeine to keep going...

    those things aren't going to go away on their own...

    It's time to take back your sanity

    Hi, I'm Andrea Deierlein - and Reiki keeps me sane.

    Since 2016, I've supported hundreds of clients - who run the gamut from attorneys to business owners to educators - in releasing stress, finding calm, and feeling in control of their lives again. Are you ready to be a less stressed, healthier, and more vibrant version of yourself?

  • “After a very busy week where I’d worked so many hours I couldn’t sleep - I turned to Andrea for a session. As you may be thinking… I assumed this was ‘ethereal flim flam’ and to be honest - was almost doing it ‘just to see’. I slept the best night in 7 years. What she does is MAGIC. BOOK NOW… while you still can!”

    - Nicky Pattinson, Be Someone Not Everyone, Advanced Communication

  • Reiki relaxes us like nothing else - even the remote transmissions.

    In addition to improving overall health and well-being, people turn to Reiki when coping with life's stresses as well as for support during episodes of pain, health and emotional challenges, and medical treatments.


    The benefits of Reiki are cumulative: each treatment builds on the work accomplished in the previous treatment(s). Sessions are available in-person (in White Plains, N.Y.) or virtually via Zoom.

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