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What you focus on, you'll get

By Andrea Kartika Deierlein

· Mindset,Reiki,Selfcare,Mindfulness

Fear is in the air. Again? Still? Several clients said this to me as they sank into my Reiki table. For some, fear shows up as anger and irritation, for others as body-debilitating anxiety. Others feel like they are in a pressure cooker. The instinct is to either F*ck Everything And Run (hellloooo flight-or-flight mode being activated) or to "freeze."
Don’t let the state of the world, the state of the nation, heck… life, in general, get you off center.
We are vibrational beings. Our emotions are the wave lengths that tell the body where we are headed. Whether we are in alignment; or not. We all have an inner compass, an inner GPS.
What we focus on, we get.
What are YOU focusing on these days?
The world needs more CALM, not more fear, don’t you think?

After hundreds of Reiki clients, I can confidently say that you, too, have your own GPS. The body does talk. Sometimes scream even. The more we get in tune with our bodies, the quicker we can course correct. We are not meant to be depleted, stressed and anxious. All. The. Freaking. Time.
Going for a walk in the woods (the Japanese call it forest-bathing), meditating, and getting a Reiki session are ways how we can restore balance. When your system is balanced, life flows better.

I'm also sharing my new REIKI SHOWER guided meditation (6 minutes) with you today. If you want the .mp3 file for download, message me.

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