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Keep Your Calm -

No Matter What Life is Throwing at You

By Andrea Kartika Deierlein

· Selfcare,Mindset,Mindfulness

When life is unsettling and the storms of life cause unrest and unease, we need our inner strength and guidance even more. It's very easy right now to get tossed around by other people's emotions, the political climate, and the omnipresent sirens of anxiety. Do you feel them too?

Don’t let the state of the world, the state of the nation, what other people are doing (or not doing) get you off your center.
Instead... Connect with your inner CALM.
Remember: Self-care matters. Be kind to yourself.
You have a choice every day. Every moment even.

You can choose to feel angry, worried or anxious. Or you can choose to be calm and present, acknowledge what you feel and then move on. You have a choice. NOW. This very moment. Don’t get sucked into the downward spiral of the energy drain.

Here's what you can do to become aware of your own personal energy drains:

  • Make a list of all the people and activities that nourish you.
  • Then make a list of all the people and activities that deplete you.
  • Which one is longer?

Want to change a negative emotion?
Notice. Shift. Rewire.

  1. Notice. Become aware what you are feeling, where your attention is directed.
  2. Shift. Bring your attention to the present moment. Move your body. Shake things off. For 90 seconds.
  3. Smile for 20 seconds, so you can rewire. Enjoy the positive emotion of joy, gratefulness, love for 15-30 seconds.

Other simple ways to raise your vibration:

  • Redirect your attention to something positive. 
  • Move the energy. Put on a dance tune and shake it all up. 
  • Call a friend. 
  • Cuddle with your pet. 
  • Start a Gratitude List and make it part of your daily routine. I've created one for you to download here.

And if you need some additional support (and a Reiki session) during these trying and anxiety-provoking times, I'm here for you - in person and by the magic of Zoom.

May you have PEACE, LOVE and CALM - today and every day!

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