• what to expect


    "i have had an incredible transformation journey with andrea." - Tyler s.

    Reiki relaxes us like nothing else - even the remote transmissions.


    Rooted in the belief that to heal means to make whole,

    Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy) treats body, mind & spirit.


    Reiki helps us reset - to be more aligned with life and our true selves.


    YOU CAN feel less tense, more balanced - even joyful

    no matter what life throws at you.


    Reiki sessions are NOT the magical waving of hands with crystals placed on your body.


    It's a real transmission of energy - through light touch, breath work and sometimes even sound.


    Sessions ALWAYS take place with the recipient fully clothed, lying down in a comfortable position.

    During in-person-sessions, there is no pressure, manipulation or massage, sensitive and intimate areas are never touched.

    Please note that Reiki is no substitute for conventional medical or psychological care. There are no claims or guarantees of healing or curing disease.


    My clients report sleeping better, feeling lighter, more at ease and at peace -



    They feel calm and more focused,

    which makes life and all its challenges easier to deal with and so much more pleasant.


    Their anxiety, stress levels and sense of overwhelm decrease - and their outlook on life improves.



  • Some days the pain was just too much...

    I, too, woke very morning with the destructive effects of stress. Sickening overwhelm. Body debilitating anxiety.


    I was smiling - living in my own hell striving to be girl everyone wanted to be.

    Working with A list movie stars, writing speeches for the Consul General... and yes - my picture was even up on the Times Square NASDAQ building!


    2015 MY LIFE RESET - in the most unexpected of places.

    The first day as a student embarking on a Reiki course in Jakarta, Indonesia.


    Up to that time I admit - I considered Reiki a waste of dollars and time.

    Today, I (and my clients) can confirm in my most compelling of voices. IT. IS. NOT.


    After years living with a chronically inflamed esophagus and grinding my teeth to the point of breaking,

    making cups of coffee at 4:00 in the morning deprived of sleep,

    my doctor declared me "super healthy" after a recent physical.


    Message me here to see how I can help you in the next weeks, months, or even years

    (yes, some of my clients have been with me for years ).


  • My Reiki journey

    I am not how most people envision a Reiki Master.


    Actually, I prefer to call myself a Reiki practitioner & teacher.


    Mastery takes a lifetime to achieve - and I continue to work with several mentors and teachers on this path. I was trained in the two main traditions of Reiki practice, Usui Shiki Ryoho and Usui Reiki Ryoho, and I practice Reiki without any add-ons, bells and whistles (and daily on myself).


      I am a graduate teacher of the International House of Reiki - and committed to present, practice and teach Reiki in a practical, authentic and pure way. Check out my profile on their website.

    My Reiki Milestones

    • Taught Reiki at an Ursuline Convent
    • Brought Reiki and mindfulness to jail inmates.
    • Translated a Reiki Shinpiden (Master course) in Germany for Frans Stiene, best-selling author and co-founder of the International House of Reiki.
    • Created an international Reiki community during COVID-19 shelter-in-place.
    • Helped a 7-figure-executive with severe insomnia to back off from shock therapy.
    • Shared Reiki with newborn babies and with 90+-year-old nuns.

    My Reiki training:

    • First degree training with Joshua Lie in Jakarta, Indonesia (July 2015).
    • Second and third degree training with Joanna Crespo, New York Open Center School of Holistic and Professional Learning (October 2015 through April 2016).
    • Shinpiden level with the “teacher of the teachers” Frans Stiene, International House of Reiki, (September 2017 and resitting in February 2020) in the U.S. and Germany.
  • hello again!

    Kartika is my Indonesian name... and means "The one who brings the light."

    Andrea Deierlein - Reiki practitioner

    I'm German-Indonesian... to explain the Asian look with the German accent.

    Born and raised in Munich, Germany, in the seventies.


    German precision is ingrained in me... working for the German government for 9 years trained me well. I even wrote speeches for the Consul General and had my picture on the Times Square NASDAQ building.


    Before Reiki I didn't know how to deal with stress and anxiety: I suffered from a chronically inflamed esophagus and grinded my teeth to the point of breaking.


    My brother is one of my favorite people in the whole world.

    Andrea Deierlein with her teacher Frans Stiene

    I check energy forecasts like others check the weather...

    .... I even post about this sometimes on social media... follow me on FB & IG...


    ASKING FOR HELP is one of the best lessons I learned.


    In my 20s I used to interview celebrities when I wrote for a German newspaper. Bruce Willis was intimidating. Vin Diesel wanted to take me to lunch.


    I overcame my driving anxiety in my late 30s.


    As a kid I was terrified of dogs. Recently I helped a therapist write a book on Overcoming the Fear of Dogs

    Andrea Deierlein with her teacher Frans Stiene

    My first encounter with Reiki was not positive... I thought it was woo-woo

    Thank Goodness for my teacher Frans Stiene (with me in the picture) who helps me understand, practice and teach Reiki as close to its Japanese roots as possible.


    Also a big THANK YOU to Priya Tuli, who in Jakarta, Indonesia, was the first Reiki practitioner to show me that Reiki REALLY WORKS!


    It took several sessions, but once my body could recover from all the tension and pain, my mind became clearer, and I realized that for most of my life I had been working against myself, instead of with myself.

    Today: Reiki keeps me SANE!

  • services

    "I felt at peace and at ease after my sessions with Andrea." - Joe F.

    Virtual Sessions

    Online via Zoom

    Receive a 50-minute Reiki session in the comfort of your home. Sessions are tailored to your individual needs and may include meditation, breathing and mindfulness techniques as well as guided hands-on-healing on the self. Book your session here.

    In-person Sessions

    At my office in White Plains, N.Y.

    Sessions range from 60 to 90 minutes. You are laying fully clothed on a massage table. I will place my hands lightly on or near your body on your head and shoulders, torso, legs and feet. The position sequence and duration varies based on your needs. Book your session now.

    Private Reiki Training

    Many of my clients are learning to practice Reiki on themselves.

    In addition to group trainings, I also teach Reiki self-care one-on-one for those who want to take their self-healing into their own hands. You will learn the basic hand positions for treating yourself and meditation exercises for focus. Send me an email.


    Meditation. Mindfulness. Reiki.

    I am an experienced facilitator for meditation and mindfulness workshops as well as introductory Reiki programs in public and corporate settings. Send me an email so we can explore this option for your group or company.

    Free guided meditation

    For you to download and to keep.

    Tune into your body... with my free guided meditation.

    Get out of your head and become present - in only nine minutes.

    Access my free guided meditation How to Tune into Your Body here.

  • Client case: Insomnia, anxiety and a mind that wouldn't calm down

    Male client, 58, financial executive


    Reiki sessions helped to calm him down and he was able to fall and stay asleep during sessions. He was finally able to relax and find relief, something he wasn't able to experience despite years of exercise and therapy. Before his personal trainer recommended Reiki to him, he was even considering shock therapy to "shut off his mind."

    Client case: depression and anxiety

    Male client, 60, attorney


    Reiki sessions have helped him to connect with himself and what brings him joy again.

    He has also learned some tools how to deal with daily life's stresses in a productive way.

    He now practices Reiki self-care every morning and continues to come for regular Reiki sessions for support. After each session he says that he feels like a better man.

    Client case: support during and after cancer treatment

    Female client, 50, teacher


    Reiki sessions have helped her balance the harshness of chemotherapy treatments.

    During a session she felt like the fear has been lifted off her. In addition to weekly Reiki sessions, she has learned Reiki for herself. She now uses meditation and daily Reiki self-care to keep herself balanced and supported during her healing journey.

    Client case: chronic neck pain and feeling stuck

    Male client, 50, entrepreneur


    Regular Reiki sessions help him feel nurtured and taken care of. They also supported him when he made the move from full-time employment to entrepreneurship.

    Instead of pushing himself all the time, he now experiences more compassion and time for himself and with his son. He also feels like himself. He says he really like this guy and now has the creativity to help him solve problems.

    Client case: anxiety and low self-esteem

    Female client, 40, real estate sales


    Reiki sessions helped with her anxious feelings regarding her life and feelings of unworthiness. She has learned to relax and calm down. Learning Reiki self-care for herself, she was amazed that she has the power to help and heal herself. When she was finally able to relax, she was also able to conceive, something that she had been wanting for a long time.

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