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The Hole in the Soul

By Andrea Kartika Deierlein

· Healing,Reiki

We are all damaged. Nobody is perfect. Yet in our imperfections, we are perfect.

When I was in Germany in December 2018, my brother and I watched the movie 100 Dinge (100 Things). The movie was about consumerism, how dependent we have become on our smart phones, how controlled we can be by social networks, and how we fill our lives with things to stuff the holes in our souls. This movie got me thinking. When I am honest, I am experiencing this every day. I think we all are. But some of us are not even aware of this.

True connection, true belonging comes from within. The journey to authenticity and fulfillment is one of honesty and integrity. So many people are looking for quick fixes, instant gratification, and bliss hits. There have been plenty of people, who have come to me for Reiki sessions with great expectations. When I didn’t wave my magic wand and “just” practiced Reiki with them, some left disappointed because they thought that they didn’t receive what they wanted. I never saw them again. But I know that they received what they needed, because Reiki gives us always what we need, not what we want.

The journey to oneself is work. It’s like peeling the layers of an onion. It will sting, there will be tears. But once uncovered and added to the dish of life, there is this flavor that brings it all together.

The hole in the soul shows up in many different forms. It can be a yearning, a sense of longing, feeling lost, grief, or feeling stuck. So many self-medicate their pain with alcohol, meds, drugs, and consumerism, or on the other side of the spectrum with spiritual bliss hits. When my mother died in 1997, I tried to numb my pain with pain meds and I had an amazing wardrobe full of stylish clothes, shoes, and handbags.

Over the years, I have seen participants run from one retreat to the next, from one training to the other, one spiritual teacher to the next. In the moment, it feels great, OM-azing. I have heard so many say, “this is such a life-transforming experience.” But then the next day or a few days later, reality kicks in again. How do I know this? Because I’ve been there.

I learned that a teacher, a guru, a workshop can uplift and inspire - and give tools. But it is up to us to apply and use these tools and techniques – with discipline, respect, and time.

So, what’s the solution for the hole in the soul? First, you need to identify what feels off and then find your distraction(s). You will need courage to look within, to reflect on your experiences. Look for support. People have turned to me, because they think I am a healer. This is not true. I am a healing facilitator, a Reiki practitioner who helps others to tap into their own healing response. If you show up for yourself, do the work, stick with what works for you and let go of what doesn’t, then over time you can heal – and to heal means to make whole.


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