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Choose Calm over Chaos

By Andrea Kartika Deierlein

· Mindset

“If you restore balance in your own self, you will be contributing immensely to the healing of the world.” 

- Deepak Chopra
In times like these, it’s difficult to be calm and clear headed. Now more than ever, we need to be of right mind. Our mindset is of utmost importance. Remember: Energy goes where the attention goes.
Yet, it's so easy to get swept away by the tsunami of fear and worry, by the what if’s, of what might happen. We need to be aware, vigilant and mindful.
We all have been following the news. We all know the recommended precautions and safety procedures. In addition to clean hands and clear heads, we need calm minds and courageous hearts. So, we can make smart and prudent choices on how to respond to this life-altering situation. Life, as we know it, is changing. Rapidly. And we must adapt.
Millions of people worldwide are now invited to tune inwards, to find inner stillness amongst all this anxiety-inducing noise, in order to tap into their resilience. Most likely, the virus will not eradicate mankind. But its consequences will disrupt economies, lives, families. It is already beginning to cost us sanity and connection.
Yet, we need connection. Now more than ever. Thankfully, we have technology to support us. Reach out to your loved ones and friends, lift each other up, laugh and smile together. Maybe even meditate together. I will be setting up virtual sessions for my clients and community to come together online, see and support each other.
Stay strong, stay well, stay healthy – and, first and foremost, stay calm!

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