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You've got this. Keep going.

By Andrea Kartika Deierlein

· Selfcare

Let's be honest here. To do things "as usual" can cost us more energy than before. We are all going through some massive shifts, transformation, changes. Individually and collectively. The nervous system and the energetic system go through A LOT right now.

Don't fool yourself into thinking that staying at home is doing nothing. We need the time to process, let go, deal with what comes up for us. It is comforting to me that some of my mentors, who have been honing their spiritual practices for close to 40 years, also cry, get frustrated, fight with themselves and loved ones… because in a way, we are all fighting our own battles now. Internally and externally. And that’s o.k. But we can’t stay in this battle zone for too long. We need to catch ourselves and bring our attention and energy back to what nourishes us. We need to be mental ninjas, vigilant, and yet gentle with ourselves. This is a marathon we are in, not a sprint.

My friend shared about the HeartMath Experience with me. It’s a science-based process that connects us with our greatest energy field, with our heart energy, and provides simple tools to find balance and clarity. You can check it out, for free, here.
We are not perfect. We are human. And being human is messy. Give yourself some slack. Pat yourself on the shoulder. You've got this. Keep going.

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