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To Change is Hard - Blame Monkey Mind

By Andrea Kartika Deierlein

· Mindfulness,Reiki,Selfcare

Some days it's easy to stay focused. Others not so much. Especially when I want to change a habit.


CHANGE IS HARD! We all know it...

Here's a little secret: I have learned that real and lasting change takes time and happens gradually. Consistency is key. Accountability too... That's why I talk with my mentor. Every week.

During the process, I need A TON of patience, gentleness and compassion for myself.

Especially when I get side-tracked, distracted, and confused...

When feelings of overwhelm creep in again, self-doubt begins to talk loudly, and meaningless chatter occupies the space between my ears... I know monkey mind is on the loose again.

Monkey mind is a Buddhist term for a restless, uncontrolled mind.

It’s the part inside of us that wants to stay in the comfort zone, play it safe (at all costs!), and which is terrified of any change.

Five ways monkey mind can mess with you... to “protect” you from change:
1) It’s being vague.
“I’ll do xyz when I have time.”

2) It’s making excuses.
“Oh, I’m too busy for xyz.”
3) It’s being defensive.
“What do you mean I need xyz?”

4) It takes things personally.
“Why can’t I do/be xyz?”
5) It makes comparisons.
“Why is this better than xyz?”
But don't worry! Monkey mind can be tamed.

Mindfulness practices and techniques, such as meditation and Reiki, are great ways to learn to be present and become aware of what is happening.

Why not get started with a little grounding and centering meditation - and help monkey mind relax a bit too?

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