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Just for Today

Encouragement for Writers and other Creatives. By Andrea Deierlein.

· Reiki,Selfcare

At the beginning of July I went to a writers' retreat at The Mariandale Center in Ossining. Our teacher asked us to write a blessing for our fellow writers before our ways parted. Mine is based on the Reiki precepts...

Encouragement for Writers [and other Creatives; these words can apply to everybody]

Writing is an act of love, for others … and especially for yourself.

Instead of frustration, resentment, and guilt - let us cultivate joy.
Joy for ourselves - and others.

So… Just for today…

Do not anger.

Do not be frustrated with your writing.

Do not worry.

Do not think “Is this good enough?” Remember Mary Oliver… “You don’t have to be good.”

Be humble and grateful.
-Give thanks for every experience.

Practice this diligently.
This will help you be true to your way and your being.

Be kind to yourself and others.

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