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How to Keep Your Energy This Holiday Season 

By Andrea Kartika Deierlein

· Selfcare,Mindfulness

We all know that stress plays a major role in the imbalance and lack of energy we experience in daily life; especially during the holiday season. Over time, continued stress can weaken the body and increase the risk of dis-ease. When energy is depleted, it needs to be replenished. Reiki is a gentle way of doing that - and helps us discover the unlimited source of energy within us.
Here are some tips and tools to keep your energy and sanity during the holiday season:

Take a SEAT.

Stop everything that you have been doing. Check in with your Emotions without judgement. Become Aware of what’s happening. Take some Time for yourself.

Slowly begin to inhale to the count of five, until the air reaches your abdomen. Exhale to the count of six or seven. Repeat ten times.
Focus your attention on gratitude.
Find three things to be grateful for.
Research has shown that the simple act of smiling for, at least, 20 seconds can trigger positive emotions and ward off stress.
If you are challenged with anger, try this mindfulness exercise.

In addition to getting enough sleep and exercise, eating nutritious foods, staying well hydrated with water, self-care includes directing our thoughts and feelings towards actions that nourish our heart and soul. Or like I often like to remind people, “Do what makes you happy.”
The New York Times article How to Be a More Patient Person shows how irritability sneaks up on us all the time. This actually is an indication that our systems are too much in fight-or-flight mode, the opposite of the relaxation response, the place where replenishing and healing occurs. Reiki helps promote deep relaxation on a physical and mental level. The warmth from the practitioner’s hands often soothes tired and tense muscles. The more you relax, breathing becomes deeper, which allows oxygen to flow in your body better. As you relax, your nervous system also has a chance to calm down and circulation to improve. As an added bonus, Reiki can have a calming effect on the mind, which helps lower stress levels, so that you can face daily life (and stresses) with more clarity and focus...

Happy Holidays!

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