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Feel Better with Reiki

By Andrea Kartika Deierlein

· Reiki,Healing,Selfcare

In my three years as a Reiki professional, people have come to sessions for many different reasons.

But all these reasons have one thing in common: stress. Stress comes in many shapes and forms. On the physical level, it manifests in tension and pain. On the emotional level, it makes us anxious, irritable, and sometimes even depressed. On a spiritual level, we wonder what the meaning of our lives are and how we can make a difference. All these symptoms can affect quality of life and how we connect with ourselves and others.
Conventional approaches, such as exercising more, getting more sleep, eating a better diet or taking supplements, can bring relief, but sometimes feel like not enough. Some have tried meditation. But for many this makes the process even more challenging, because they are under the impression that they should be able to empty their minds, which in turn can become stressful again.
Then upon recommendation of a friend or a loved one, or by an online search, people hear of Reiki. As a non-invasive vibrational healing method, Reiki works by bringing change. Change on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.
On the physical level, Reiki facilitates healing by inducing the body’s relaxation and self-healing responses. On the emotional level, Reiki helps clear blockages and bring calmness and clarity. Literally, the translation of the Japanese word Reiki means “life force energy” or “spiritual energy.” As Bronwen and Frans Stiene write in their book, The Japanese Art of Reiki, “it can be described as the energy of everything. To work with this energy is to experience life as its fullest, to be one with all that can be seen and not seen. The system was created to give us this full life experience so that we may remember our connection to life and live in alignment with it.”
Reiki is not magic and not woo woo, yet it works in miraculous ways. You can find out more what Reiki is and how it can help in another blog post. As you relax more and release pain and tension during a Reiki session, you begin to feel better. You become more mindful, aware of the mind-body-connection, so that you can be fully present. And when you feel better, life can feel better, too.

Here’s to feeling better and staying in touch!

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