• HI.... I am Andrea Kartika Deierlein


    I help people SHIFT FROM STRESS and ANXIETY



    We're all going through some massive shifts, transformation, changes.


    The nervous and energetic system both go through A LOT, especially right now.


    Yet... I know, from my own story,

    that the greatest source of stress...

    ... is not being who you are.


    I'm not what most people think of Reiki practitioners (I don't balance chakras!) ... instead... I'll take you on a journey of relaxation, discovery, recovery & empowerment...

  • "I have had an incredible transformation journey. I feel like a completely different person! Highly recommended to anyone who is feeling out of touch with their true selves and needs to be healed from the inside out and feeling like yourself again."

    - Tyler S., Nyack, N.Y.

    "Energy is everything and Andrea knows how to work with people's energy. She can help you balance yourself and your life. You can fully trust her as I and my husband do. It's not magic, but it definitely feels so." 


    - Sabina S., Scarsdale, N.Y.

    "I feel happier, more energetic, less worried, healthier, and suddenly life is easier to deal with. The best thing I did was the courage to give this a shot."

    - Alisa A., Bronxville, N.Y.

    "The remote Reiki healing was exactly what I needed. It was very soothing and gave me much needed energy balancing."


    - Danielle D., Crestwood, N.Y.

    "Reiki doesn't require a lifestyle change, but it will definitely change your life for the better."

    - Barbara P., Yonkers, N.Y.

    "If you live with chronic pain and anxiety, add Reiki to your self-care routine."


    - Joe. F.,Valhalla, N.Y.

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