• Barbara P., Yonkers, N.Y.

    "Andrea is always positive, sincere, kind and very easy to talk with. She is very proactive in providing ongoing support and opportunities to deepen our practice and also provides many helpful resources. Reiki requires no lifestyle change but it will definitely change your life for the better. It is a worthwhile practice to look into and learn more about. And Andrea is the Master to teach you!"

    Ed r., white plains, N.y.

    "I entered the world of Reiki with scant knowledge of it. I knew it was hands-on energy, but assumed it was much ado about nothing. I learned that Reiki contained within it multiple modalities, and that hands-on was only one of them. I am now learning Reiki with Andrea. She is dedicated, sincere, and authentic, having learned with Frans Stiene, one of the leading Reiki authorities in the world. Highly recommend."  

    Isabel R., Hartsdale, N.Y.

    "Thank you for being our guide to this wonderful journey to the practice of Reiki.”

    Ken H., White Plains, N.Y.

    "Thank you for a wonderful class! You are a great teacher and I would recommend your class to anyone.”

    Linda G., White Plains, N.Y.


    "From the first time I met Andrea, I felt a sense of calmness from her and connection with her. During that first class, she shared how we can gain that calmness ourselves. When ready, I plan to take the Reiki 2 class with her."


  • reviews & feedback

    Impressions why people choose to train in Reiki with me - and their experiences.

    "I've been thinking of taking a Reiki course for a long time...

    ...but had not found someone who I connected with and the timing just never was right.


    When I interviewed Andrea, I was taken back by how she was so committed to teaching the essence and purity of Reiki.

    I scheduled a session and was very pleased by her manner and I was put at ease with her comfort level.


    I went ahead and signed up for the Reiki 1 course and, at first, was not excited because of the time commitment (2 sessions from 10am to 6pm). However, after the first few minutes of entering the welcoming and safe place, I understood why this Reiki 1 course was different than many 4 hour courses offered elsewhere.


    It was clear how committed Andrea is to teaching and sharing the essence and purity of everything Reiki: meditation, breathing techniques, history of Reiki and why we do what we do, and lastly, hands on healing.


    I could not wait until the 2nd session and was looking forward to continuing and being with my fellow classmates.


    When the course is over, you leave with a very intentional self practice routine that is uniquely yours and with enough practice on yourself and on others.


    This way, you are not left to “figure things out on your own,” but have a forever connection to Andrea and your classmates.


    I feel so grateful that I finally found what I was searching for.


    I have been enjoying my self practice and sharing Reiki with my family. I look forward to the continuation of my Reiki journey with Andrea by my side."

    - Ana C., Mamaroneck, N.Y.

    "I began to feel a connection with Reiki that I hadn't felt before..."

    "I took Reiki One in 2006 but didn’t feel I had gotten everything I could from it, so when a friend offered to let me take it again with her, I did, and a year later I took Reiki Two. I went to Reiki shares and did exchanges with friends, but I never offered Reiki as a healing modality, because I didn’t feel entirely comfortable with it. I kept feeling that I was missing something, that I didn’t really “get it.”


    When I started going to Andrea’s Reiki shares and helped her out at her library demonstrations, I began to feel a connection with Reiki that I hadn’t felt before, and I found myself asking her if I could take Reiki One with her. I asked myself if it made sense to take Reiki One a third time - what would I learn that I hadn’t learned the other times? A lot, as it turns out.


    For the first time I understood where Reiki came from, not just that a man named Usui, who lived in Japan a long time ago, came up with this healing system, but that Reiki evolved from a tradition of meditation, philosophy, and healing.


    After taking Reiki One with Andrea, I finally feel like I have a handle on what Reiki is.


    Because of her focus on the meditation practices, the precepts, and, most importantly on the practitioner working on him or herself, I feel like I have a solid foundation in Reiki. Andrea showed me, though her teachings and her example, that Reiki isn’t something that flew from the heavens into the mind of one man, but that it’s a practice, a lifestyle, a way of being in the world.


    I would recommend learning Reiki from Andrea for anyone who wants an in-depth understanding of this practice, something more than a four-hour workshop with a certificate at the end of it.


    Andrea’s class takes longer than many others out there, but every minute of her class is infused with a depth of understanding and whole-hearted commitment that makes it completely worth the time investment." 

    - Amy B., Bronxville, N.Y.

    "Reiki is a beautiful spiritual and healing discipline that aligns body, spirit, and mind...."

    "I have completed Reiki Level One and based on my experience with this training, I would encourage anyone interested in Reiki to study with Andrea. Her credentials are outstanding because she has studied Reiki extensively both in Indonesia and the United States. She attends seminars on an ongoing basis and maintains a Reiki practice. Andrea also practices Reiki self-care on a daily basis.


    Andrea provided us with an excellent overview of the origins and history of Reiki during Level One training. We discussed the philosophy of Reiki and she encouraged us to incorporate the principles of Reiki into our daily lives. We were given the self-care Reiki techniques along with some meditations and the Reiki precepts. We were given plenty of supervised practice time. Andrea explained the technique so well that no one seemed to have any difficulty during the practice. Andrea is very open to questions about Reiki. The form of Reiki she practices seems closely aligned to the original version which was started in Japan. Reiki is a beautiful spiritual and healing discipline that aligns body, spirit, and mind. The Level One training is a great way to get acquainted with Reiki and how to use it for self-care." 

    - Marion S., White Plains, N.Y.

    A Little Slice of Heaven

    Blog post by Barbara Penge about her Reiki experience and studying with me. Read it here.

  • Reiki classes

    As a graduate teacher of the International House of Reiki, I practice and teach a traditional Japanese form of the system of Reiki, which is easily accessible, yet deeply rooted in spirituality.

    Reiki 1 Class (Shoden - The Beginning)

    tbd | 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. | White Plains, N.Y.

    Learn Reiki in an intimate group setting with lots of personalized attention and practice time.


    Day 1: Reiki overview, history, use and benefits. Reiki precepts. Meditation & centering techniques. Reiki self-care protocol and hand positions.

    Day 2: Review. Additional meditation and focus techniques. Learn how to share Reiki with others (chair and table protocols).


    Price incl. a private Reiki session with Andrea Deierlein, manual and access to Ki Campus of the International House of Reiki; certificate only after completion of additional requirements.

    Limited to 4 students. Minimum two participants.

  • A little bit more about my reiki journey

    Teaching Reiki at the Convent

    My experience of teaching Reiki to a group of retired nuns.

    When I met Sr. Dee at Yoga in January 2016, I never thought that I would be teaching my first Reiki class to a group of retired Ursuline nuns.


    We had an instant connection. When we discovered that we both have strong ties to Indonesia and that she was a Reiki practitioner too, we fell into each other’s arms. That’s when our friendship began and the course of my Reiki journey changed.

    How Reiki found me and my journey

    Listen to this podcast by Hysteria Radio to find out how Reiki found me, my approach to the practice and my Reiki journey.

    Andrea Kartika Deierlein's middle name literally means, the one who brings the light. Little did she know as a child that that would be her passion and full time practice. Andrea is a Reiki Practitioner in White Plains, New York. She has extensive training with some of the best teachers in the world and uses her practice to help facilitate healing within her patients. When the body calms down from the sometimes constant state of fight or flight, we allow healing to begin.

    Duration: 46:07

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